We present a gallery of photos of knitted crochet toys:

Today it became very popular knit toys hook. And where it is a hobby and what are the names of knitted toys?

Little crocheted toys amigurumi, got its name from the two Japanese words: "ami" - "boys" and "nuigurumi" "soft toy". Now it became clear, that the fashion for miniature crocheted beings came to us from the land of the rising sun, Japan. And not just a fashion, a "disease" called "amigurumi". Amigurumi this miniature toys, most often with the image of the dolls or animals.

There are several features of knitting amigurumi:

  • first, the size of. They must fit in the palm (this rule adhere to the Japanese, the creators of the hook made of beings). In our time toys amigurumi come in different sizes there is a growth of slightly more than an inch, and there are a great toy, so-called "European option";
  • secondly, the aspect ratio. This non-standard crocheted toys with a big head and little paws (or no);
  • thirdly, the emotions. Toys, crocheted, must be "alive", with eyes, nose and smile. The muzzle is devoted great attention, because crocheted animals should be sentient. You can stitch a suitable threads, you can use the pieces of fabric or leather to create the right image, and you can stick the ready-made factory presets for toys;
  • fourth, in the way of knitting. Amigurumi should be without seams and are passed around. "Ring amigurumi" this is the beginning of knitting toys: should wrap the thread 2 times around his finger and link the six posts without nakida in the ring. Then gently pull the end of the thread, tightening the ring. Then knit in a spiral, making in the right places of increase and decrease.

Both children and adults are recognized in the love and great sympathy for the knitted beings, their use as a remote control units for bags and all, put in the car, decorate their house. And yet, крючкотворные creation - it is the best gift hand-made for a birthday, New year, wedding or just for no reason. Toy handmade give a storm of positive emotions, positive and good mood.

And have You ever tried to knit toys? If You want to tie amigurumi, visit the page at our site - "Master-classes" on a knitted toy, and select your new pet.