A Dragon with wings

So, as the us rapidly approaching New year 2012. And then immediately raised many questions... And the year of 2012 is the year of any animal on the Eastern calendar? What celebrate the New year 2012? Rather than to entertain guests, and that should definitely be on the table in the New year's eve? Well and the most important question - what presents to choose?
The new year of 2012 will be held under the sign of the black water of the Dragon, respectively color, characteristic for this sign, black, blue (all its shades) and gold. As a gift must always be a symbol of the year of the Dragon - it can be a souvenir, a keychain, a magnet on the refrigerator or a small statue of a dragon.
About the suits, the new year's program of the holiday and festive table, you can think a little later, but here's the choice of a gift - it is responsible, so we offer think about this now. Indeed, there is very little time, and so I want to surprise yourself, family, friends and work colleagues original new year's gifts and Souvenirs. Yes, now in stores sold a lot of things, but all things are some simple and ordinary. Want to make an unusual gift - do it yourself - tie toy symbol of the New year 2012! This gift will appreciate not only small children, but also adults. Well, if a person was born in the year of the Dragon, the dragon, hand-knitted will become for him a guardian and the mascot for the upcoming year. Our site presents a different master-classes in knitting toys, a dragon, a knit drakosha, knitted dragon. How to link the dragon hook yourself? To do this, you need to know the basics of knitting, buy a thread and download on the website free of charge master-class: keychain dragon or амигуруми dragons. Spend a bit of time and effort, attach a piece of soul and You will make new year's gifts with their hands or, as it is now fashionable to say, "hand made gifts", which will surely enjoy.
If You have any questions - You can safely write us and be sure to get irrefragable answers.
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