Knitted toy Snake Snack

2013 - the year of the Snake... What is interesting to us this year? In order to sort it out, let's turn to dictionaries and imagine this animal. Snake - a detachment of reptiles, suborder scaly. Among the natural diversity of snakes occur as harmless, and poisonous animals. But all known in the world of snakes - predators. The elongated without limbs of the body, of a length of 10 cm to 12 meters. Live snakes and on the earth and in the water (that's just the airspace has not yet mastered, and not in vain invented the saying " someone is to fly, and someone crawl). Yes, here is a portrait emerges...

Now look at the chart and see what the stars say good things about the Snake. The man born in the year of the Snake are the main qualities of wisdom and mystery. The combination of these qualities allow them to achieve success and financial well-being - they become beautiful politicians, businessmen and financiers. The snake is a thinker, loves books and music, good food and clothes, a great recreation (one phrase - good life). This " people-intellectuals that can support conversation on any important issue, however, if the information in the conversation becomes repetitive, their interest quickly evaporates. The snake is stingy with emotions, it is not chatty and very serious. Loves to learn and learn something new, has an excellent memory.

And now some information about the 2013 year.

The year of the Snake on the Eastern calendar will come on February 10, the element of water will (not surprising), and the corresponding color will be black as well as blue or blue and green). Thus, the thing is the symbol of the coming year 2013 - Black Water Snake! Our knitted crochet toy snake will adequately represent their year in the houses of all the East.

Where and in what celebrate the new year 2013? Snake loves calm and could not stand the noise, so the preference is given to the close circle of friends or, so to say, a family holiday. Must prevail in dress black, blue and green tones, jewelry - precious stones (who would refuse diamonds). And don't forget to hang on the Christmas tree symbol of the new 2013 - knitted serpent is not only decorate, but also bring positive energy to the house.

Scheme crochet snakes can be found on our website in the form of master-class in knitting toys.