Knitted toy for champagne "Dragon Bottle"

Approaching the most favorite holiday of all people - the New year. We all begin to think about clothes, congratulations, about serving new year's table and, of course, presents. We believe in the fairy tale, and that the coming year is to give everyone something new and positive.

In Russia the symbols of the new year is traditionally became salad "Olivier" and champagne. And if the snacks are made directly before a holiday, then on the purchase of drinks you need to think in advance. The inhabitants of the country, from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad can't imagine a holiday table without a new year's sparkling wine. In the night from December 31 to January 1 all gather together in the family circle or in the circle of friends, to usher out the old and into the New year. Under the chiming clock откупориваются bottles of champagne, загадываются the most cherished desires, all people exchange greetings. New year's night is full of surprises and gifts. So let us and we will surprise and delight your family and friends... and will decorate the table and new year's champagne symbol of the coming of 2012 - the Dragon. Let the dragon, located at the festive table, will bring good luck, happiness, health and well-being in the house and all those present at the table will give a good mood. Knitted toy Dragon Bottle designed specifically for the decoration of bottles of champagne new year's. And after the feast, You can safely place in the interior of Your house, and he will protect housing throughout the year 2012.

Knitted toy for champagne "Dragon Bottle" - the author's work.

And here are a few tips for lovers of sparkling wine:

  1. Firstly, keep the champagne should be in a dark and cool place. And only for 30 minutes prior to its submission to cool up to 7-9 degrees.
  2. Secondly, glasses for champagne should be the "correct" form of the flute is elongated, thin stems from a thin transparent glass or crystal. Fill the glass half, pouring a drink slowly on the inclined wall, to avoid the "foaming". The real connoisseurs of champagne recommend to hold the glass in the bottom part of it (leg).
  3. Third, champagne combined with many products - cheese, white meat, eggs, desserts and fruit. It is not recommended to drink sparkling wine with a bitter chocolate, which interrupts the whole taste of sparkling drink.