Knitted snake "Dasha"

Oh, it's unpredictable animal - Serpent, which always acts according to circumstances that are not subject to sharp fluctuations and noise, preferring calm and harmonious development of the situation. But what the us is preparing a new year 2013? Firstly, in all regions of Russia from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad it is planned to introduce a Universal electronic card, which will tell about its owner all the information and will include passport data, driver's license, health insurance and other documents. Secondly, in Kazan will host the summer Universiade, and in the Moscow world championship on track and field athletics. Thirdly, 7 October 2013, in anticipation of the Sochi Olympic games of 2014, will start the procession of the Olympic flame in Russia. In the fourth... fifth... in the sixth... can be many things to list, that will take place both in Russia and in the world, but, let's talk more about the feast - on gifts and greetings, on clothes and ornaments, of dishes and beverages at our table.

Oh, this New year... the Feast of the decorated Christmas tree, the scent of tangerines and splashes of champagne... the joy of Christmas gifts, surprises and fulfillment of desires. Surely, every one of us in childhood, waking up early in the morning, ran to the tree and looking for a gift - a bag of sweets and fruits, a doll or a designer. We grow up, but it was in celebration of the New year, we go back to my childhood and look forward to surprises from our friends and relatives. It's nice to not only receive congratulations and gifts, but also to make them yourself. Packing the new year's gift, we think about a man that he is, put in a gift to all of his love and kindness. Now in stores sell a lot of little things, but a gift, made by his own hands, will become not only a favorite, but unforgettable. Then, maybe, we'll bind. Knitted toy will become an excellent new year's souvenir.

The symbol of the 2013 year of the Snake, and in our case - a snake. That's starting to create gifts together. If you know how to knit, but not very fond of inventing " you to us. You can purchase a master-class in knitting snakes and give all of their relatives original gifts, made with their own hands with love. Will help in this master - class, skill knit a hook and a great desire to link the toy.